Manage your label easily.

All in one platform that helps you daily to schedule, analyse, promote and export your music releases.

Spend less time doing reportings.

Everything you need to have as a label is available in one and unique platform.

Royalties & Analytics

Just drag & drop your statements on and we will give you instant advanced analytics of all your releases.

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Artist Access (coming soon)

We built a unique platform where you can set up all your assets (contracts, fanlinks, artworks etc..) and give access to artists and managers. Find everything you need in one place.

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Custom Reports

Create custom reports for artists and managers for their releases. Give them full transparency on what they earn and how the release performed.

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Music Marketing (coming soon)

Send e-mail marketing campaigns to all your fanbase or your VIP DJ list. Use our fangate service for your free downloads & grow your audience. We created a custom fanlink for all your releases to let your fans choose their prefered streaming platform. 

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2 new features available ! 

Fanlink & Spotify Pre-save

We’ve added two new features on A lot of you guys were waiting for it, check it out now !

Spotify pre save

Less work, more music !

As record labels, it was really hard for us to manage
all of our releases in one place.
We decided to create to solve our daily problems.


Multiple access

Free access

Smart Interface

New label or Major ?

Our strong platform is built to manage thousands of releases. We have different pricing plans for any type of businesses.

Focus more on your releases.

As a label manager you have thousands of things to do at the same time.
Getting your releases at the top of the charts is your #1 priority.
We built our platform to let you automate your repetitive tasks, long process.
At a glance you can see how your release is performing. 

our platform works with all distributors.


per month* (billed anually)
  • Royalties import from all distributor
  • Basic financial analytics
  • Release fanlinks
  • 250mo Storage / Release
  • Basic Support
  • Only 1 user account
  • Stakeholder statement generation
  • Artists Royalty Payout**
  • Marketing Tools**
  • Artist Access
  • Custom Reports
  • Pre-save links
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per month* (billed anually)
  • All Basic features
  • Advanced financial analytics
  • 2GB Storage / Release
  • Custom release fanlinks with pre-save
  • Premium Support
  • Invite your whole team
  • Stakeholder statements generation
  • Artists Royalty Payout**
  • Artist Access
  • Artist promo links with track review
  • Marketing Tools**
  • Custom reports
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    We cut our reporting times by half compared to our previous process. Love it.”
    Théo Knockaert
    Label Manager
    “We've never got such analytics and reportings of our releases. We can see exactly how a release is performing on all DSPs”
    Justin Rodrigue
    Artist Manager
    "As an Artist I never seen such a great platform. All the analytics, sells, assets, marketing campaigns are on the same place. It's very useful. Good job !"
    John Devert