Manage your label.

All in one platform that helps you daily to schedule, analyse, promote and export your music releases.

Everything you need to have as a label is available in one and unique platform.

How it works?

Linked to your Distribution
Our software takes time to deconstruct royalty statements offering the optimal visual representation of artist success.
AI-Assisted & Automation
Featuring automated royalty calculation and distribution to artists between all partner labels.
Innovation & Marketing
Within our platform, we have developed some of the most useful tools for marketing a release. This includes a personalized fan-link, calendar & task manager to name a few.

Our Incredible Features

As record labels, it was really hard for us to manage
all of our releases in one place.
We decided to create to solve our daily problems.

Royalty statement is now your best friend.

Because analysing 264 809 lines of your monthly distributor statements is a pain...

You now just have to drag & drop your statement and will give you instant advanced analytics and segmentation of all your releases.

“I can now see exactly the revenues of each music platform by artists and releases.

You guys are saving my time, thanks !!"



Give artists and managers instant reports of their releases.

Collecting and gathering all your music statements is a pain and takes time. With you can now get advanced and customized reports of all your music release.

Import, extract, send !

Give full transparency to managers & artists and what they earned with their music release.


Give artists everything they need for their releases.

Because artists and their managers need to fill out contracts, have visibility on the release performance and the marketing roll out.

We built a unique platform where you can set up all your assests such as contracts, fanlinks, artworks etc..

Oh and yes, you can also generate automatic reportings for them.. cool right ?


Schedule and promote your music releases.

Send e-mail marketing campaigns to all your fanbase or your VIP DJ list. Import your contacts or let them subscribe to your mailing list and schedule your campaign before the release.

Create easy email workflow for all your releases and save time !

From engagement rates, to downloads, we provide unrivalled real-time activity on your personalized report.

Advanced Analytics
Get instant repartition of your best releases. You can now understand your best music releases, artists who are the most performing, the best repartition of music platforms.
Give artists and managers full transparency on their releases and earnings. Pay them directly via with our "Royalty payout" feature. 
Save time ! 
Do you remember how long it takes to collect and separate all your statements from your distributors ?
Now, in less than 5min you can get clear analytics from all of your releases. Create and send a personalized report for an artist with our intelligent tools !

Working with all distributors.

Super easy to use. Simply drag & drop your royalty statements from your distributor and click “import”.

and many more...


Affordable plans for any size of businesses. 
14 days free


per month* (billed anually)
  • Royalties import from all distributor
  • Basic financial analytics
  • 250mo Storage / Release
  • Release fanlinks
  • Basic Support
  • Only 1 user account
  • Stakeholder statement generation
  • Artists Royalty Payout**
  • Marketing Tools**
  • Artist Access
  • Custom Reports
  • Pre-save links
Start with Basic
14 days free


per month* (billed anually)
  • All Basic features
  • Advanced financial analytics
  • 2GB Storage / Release
  • Custom release fanlinks with pre-save
  • Premium Support
  • Invite your whole team
  • Stakeholder statements generation
  • Artists Royalty Payout**
  • Artist Access
  • Artist promo links with track review
  • Marketing Tools**
  • Custom reports
Available late 2021

*excluding 20% VAT

**at additional costs (based on usage).

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Advice and answers from Label Manager Team ⬇️


LabelManager supports all distributors & platforms. We are continuously upgrading the platform, if your distributor is not on our list make sure to send us your statement and we will import it for you in 48h. We will also add it to the platform within one month so you can be fully autonomous. 

Send us your statement in .csv or .xlsx file :

Do you have 5 minutes ? 

Easily, just create an account on and start importing your royalties statements. Wait few minuts and get instant reports and analytics of your music. You can segment all data by artists, platforms, releases. 

The answer is YES !

We give all people 14 days free without credit card on all plans so you can test, import, extract all of your music releases. You can also create fanlinks and get all of our features easily.

We think that's important to let people try and see how it could be useful for them before paying.

First of all, your label's data is separate from other labels in our database.

All your data is backed-up daily to avoid any loss and everything is hosted in France on our private server. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any security related questions !

You can request a custom plan by contacting us at

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